Whether a defunct historical society, only hosted through social media or whatever the case, several municipalities have lost their online presence, so their information will be hosted here. Photo albums will be included here, text and PDFs will be in the Resources tab.

Carl D of Thornton Township has collected photos of Dolton, Riverdale and Harvey and hosted them online for years. All albums copied and hosted with permission. His albums originally appeared here.

Dolton 1892 - 1976 History Book

Harvey - 1890 - 1962 History Book

Harvey - 1892 Worlds Fair brochure

Harvey - 1967/68 Promotional Brochure

Harvey - 1895 Directory

Harvey - Streamside Park Subdivision

Harvey - Raceway Park (Calumet Park)

Riverdale, IL Historical Collection

Dolton IL -vintage / present

Harvey - Art's Roll-Aire Rink

Harvey - Historical Photos

Harvey - Area Photos

Harvey - 1941 Jubilee Book

Harvey - Downtown

Riverdale - 144th Street

Dolton - Leyden / Lincoln Avenues

Harvey - TTHS 1968 50th Reunion

Harvey - TTHS - Lou Boudreau Trophy Room

Harvey - 1890 - 1990 Fire Dept

Harvey - Police Dept misc.